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Some Characteristics Of The Chain Conveyor
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The main functional component of the chain conveyor is the conveyor chain. Because of the various structures of the chain, the characteristics of the chain conveyor are summarized as follows: the chain input machine can be applied to many environments and numerous use requirements. Specifically, it can be summarized as the following points:

1. Diversity of transported items

The chain conveyor can transport almost all types of items: bulk materials such as flour, cement, ash, coal and ore; small items such as electronic components, mechanical parts, cans and bottles; Goods, such as the entire home appliance, and the whole machine (such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc.), all kinds of boxes and other goods. In terms of the weight of the item, electronic components as small as a few grams, and items up to 10t or more can be input by chains.

2. Adaptability of harsh conveyor loops

The chain conveyor can work normally in a variety of harsh environments, whether it is low temperature, high grade, dusty, toxic medium, corrosive medium and rough loading. Therefore, chain conveyors are welcome to use in low temperature cold storage, high temperature supply lines, rough loading forest farms, dusty cement plants and equipment coating lines.

3. The arbitrariness of the flow of goods

The chain conveyor can not only realize horizontal, vertical and inclined transportation. It can also be used for undulating and conveying according to the environmental conditions of the workshop without multi-machine combination. Not only can linear transfer be realized, but also circular conveying, so that the flow direction of the conveyed articles has the greatest arbitrariness.

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