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Solution To The Slack Problem Of The Plate Chain
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The plate chain is not unfamiliar to everyone, and plays a key role in the industry. However, sometimes there is a problem that when the length of the chain is too long, there will be slack. So how can we solve this effectively?

The relevant technical personnel of this problem further tell us that if the phenomenon is encountered, the best method is to use the method of adding the idler wheel in the middle, and use the weight of the idler to achieve the purpose of the tightness of the plate chain. Stainless steel is inevitably rusted during the process of use. We have added alloying elements such as nickel and chrome in the production process of the plate chain. Once it is in contact with acidic materials for a long time, it will corrode with corrosive dust or grease. It adheres to its surface and is a series of changes in the plate chain to form a dense oxide film.

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