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Roller Chain Composition And Main Parameters
- Jul 27, 2018 -

What parts of the roller chain are composed? The composition of the roller chain and the main parameters are introduced.

The roller chain consists of an inner chain plate 1, an outer chain plate 2, a pin 3, a sleeve 4 and a roller 5. The pin 3 and the outer link plate 2, the sleeve 4 and the inner link plate 1 are respectively coupled by an interference fit. The pin 3 and the sleeve 4, the roller 5 and the sleeve 4 are gap-fitted, so that when the chain is engaged with the sprocket teeth, the roller and the teeth are substantially rolling friction. Sliding friction between the sleeve and the pin, between the roller and the sleeve. The link plates are generally formed in a figure-eight shape so that the sections are close to the same strength, and the weight and the inertia during the movement can be reduced.

The range of use of the chain drive is: the transmission power is generally below 100 kW, the efficiency is between 0.92 and 0.96, the transmission ratio i is not more than 7, and the transmission speed is generally less than 15 m/s.

The roller chain is a standard part and its main parameters are:

Chain pitch p, which is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pins on the chain. GB1243.1-83 specifies two series of roller chains A and B. Multiplying the number of the chain number in the table by 25.4/16 is the pitch value, and the chain number in the table is consistent with the corresponding international standard.

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