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Method For Judging The Quality Of The Transmission Chain
- Jul 27, 2018 -

How to distinguish the quality of the transmission chain? The method of judging the quality of the transmission chain.

The drive chain is generally a metal link or ring and is often used as a mechanical transmission. The transmission chain includes four series of transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain and special professional chain. The flexible system is composed of its rigid components, making it a widely used mechanical basic component. Generally, our hardware experts identify the transmission chain mainly from the transmission chain. Judgment in appearance, precision, elongation, etc.

Visual inspection of the drive chain

1. Whether the inner/outer chain is deformed, cracked, embroidered

2. Whether the pin is deformed or rotated, embroidered

3. Whether the roller is cracked, destroyed, excessive wear

4. Is the joint loose and deformed?

5. Whether there is any abnormal sound or abnormal vibration during operation, and the lubrication condition of the transmission chain is good.

Testing method

Chain length accuracy should be measured according to the following requirements

A. Before the measurement, the drive chain is cleaned.

B. The test drive chain is enclosed on the two sprocket wheels, and the upper and lower sides of the tested drive chain should be supported.

C. The transmission chain before measurement should stay for 1 min under the condition of applying the three-point minimum tensile load.

D. When measuring, apply the specified measuring load on the transmission chain to tension the upper and lower transmission chains. The transmission chain should ensure normal toothing on the sprocket.

E. Measuring the center distance of the two sprocket wheels

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