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How To Lubricate The Chain
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Lubricating the chain is a must-have, which not only increases work efficiency, but also extends the life of the chain. Below we will briefly understand the way several common lubrication chains are used.

The first type is the usual lubrication method for the chain of household machinery. It is to use the oil pot or oil brush to regularly brush the chain.

The second type is a mechanical chain that is inconvenient to brush oil with a tool. The oil cup is used to drip oil through the oil pipe to the gap between the chain plates.

The third type is oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication. This is a sealed transmission case that immerses a part of the chain in the oil and the back is splashed by the oil pan.

The fourth type is to use the oil pump pressure for oil lubrication. This is because the oil pump continuously supplies oil to the chain, so that the circulation acts as lubrication and cooling.

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