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Fatigue Failure Of Plate Chain
- Jul 27, 2018 -

For mechanical equipment, it is normal to not stop running for 24 hours, and this also brings high requirements to the important part of the plate chain, because if a certain fatigue value is reached, the chain will quickly fail.  The principle is that it is subjected to excessive load during operation, resulting in uneven force, which is prone to breakage or being squeezed.

When the plate chain is working, the chain is subjected to the alternating tensile stress state due to the different tensile forces of the chain on the loose side and the tight side. After a certain number of stress cycles, the chain element is broken due to insufficient fatigue strength, the chain plate will be fatigue fractured, or the surface of the sleeve and the roller will be fatigued. In a well-lubricated chain drive, the fatigue strength determines the main factor of the chain drive capability.

Usually, it can only be solved by strengthening the parts. For example, the manufacturer uses various means to strengthen the parts, such as chemical heat treatment to make the surface of the parts carburize, and the chain plate is squeezed to resist stress concentration and widen the chain plate. The waist width is used to moderate the stress concentration of the hole, and the parts are subjected to shot peening.

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