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Conveyor Chain Characteristics
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Characteristics of the conveyor chain:

The working condition of the conveyor chain is different from that of the transmission chain. The speed of the conveyor chain is low, and the length of the chain used is long, that is, the number of links consisting of one chain is large, and the chain link is subjected to lateral (perpendicular to the horizontal plane) load, and needs to be run under the support of the guide rail. Therefore, the conveyor chain often has the following characteristics:

1. The ratio of chain carrying capacity to the weight of the chain itself is small.

2. The chain has good wear resistance.

3. During operation, the frictional resistance between the chain and the guide rail is small.

4. The chain consists of chain links and chain plates, accessories and so on.

5. It is also used for special working conditions, but also has the characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance or corrosion resistance.

Comparing the conveyor chain with the conveyor belt, the conveyor element of the chain has the following characteristics:

1. On the conveyor chain, various accessories can be configured according to the requirements of material handling to maximize the delivery function.

2. According to the situation of the material and the environment, different materials (including metal and non-metal) can be selected for the parts that make up the chain to effectively extend the service life of the chain and make it adapt to the working environment. Sex.

3. The chain is convenient for lengthening or truncating, and it is more convenient to use.

4. The speed is adaptable and can work at very low speed.

5. High conveying precision, easy to realize synchronous conveying, and flexible conveying.

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