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China's Chain Transmission Products Gold Contentcontinues To Improve
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The unified characteristics of "speed, efficiency and structure" have shown that in recent years, the development of new products for chain drive in China has shown a new pattern of "increase in investment, speed is faster, varieties are increasing, and grades are rising". (New technology, high added value, high quality grade, excellent product performance). Some new products featuring high precision, high strength, high reliability, high speed conveying, wear resistance and corrosion resistance have been successfully developed, forming mass production and selling well in domestic and foreign markets. Such as variable pitch (hy-vo) toothed chain, automotive engine chain and low noise chain, etc., confirmed by the OEM as an accessory product.

Since 2000, a large number of new chain drive products have won national, ministry, provincial (city), prefecture-level new product awards. In general, the product quality and quality management level and standardization work of the Chinese chain industry have been improved. The product quality is rising steadily, but it is basically in the middle and low grade; some large and medium-sized chain backbone enterprises in China have been able to mass produce some medium and high-grade chain products that are close to or reach the advanced quality level of similar foreign products, and some have been rated as provinces (cities). Grade brand products. In the past four years, China's chain industry and enterprises have been market-oriented, accelerating the pace of structural adjustment of chain products, and the product structure has been optimized. The proportion of small and medium-sized standard chain production to total output has decreased year by year, while the added value is higher. The proportion of better large-size chains and shaped chains to total production has increased year by year. The sales revenue of chain products and foreign exchange earned by exports grew rapidly. The average annual growth rate from 2000 to 2004 was 21.81% and 24.8% respectively.

According to the statistics of the national customs, the number of imports and exports of chain products has changed gratifyingly according to the domestic and international market demand. At the same time, the structure of the import and export volume of chain products has also improved initially. The proportion of imports and exports of total imports and exports in recent years has decreased slightly in the proportion of ordinary chains in the import volume. At the same time, the proportion of exports has increased substantially, while other roller chains with relatively high added value have The proportion of exports has also increased. The coverage of China's chain transmission products continues to expand. In 2004, it exported to nearly 100 countries and regions on five continents. In the past few years, the manufacturing technology of the chain has made new developments and breakthroughs. The selection of chain parts is diversified. At present, the selection of materials has broken through the range of commonly used materials, and various grades of low-carbon alloy steel, alloy structural steel, nitrided steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant stainless steel and other non-metallic materials such as rubber and engineering plastics have been widely used. use.

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